Skin Prom Prep

It’s important to start early with a good skin routine to help ensure your skin will be glowing on your special night. You might want to try the following daily routine: 
Exfoliate your face
with a mild scrub once
​a week to smooth away
dry flakes and dead cells.

Use a clay face mask two times a week will help clear clogged pores and minimize acne.

Apply a moisture lotion containing

Be an H2O Fanatic! Drink
at least eight glasses of water
a day to insure healthy cleansing,
​inside and out. 

Keep lips moisturized 24 - 7!
​Lip balm! Lip Balm! Lip Balm!

Getting Waxed?

Have you been tanning?

Use extra precaution!

Wait at least 24 hours after

tanning to get waxed.

Never been waxed? Now may not be the time to experiment. You may end up really red or breakout. We recommend professional tweezing instead.

  If you have waxed before, please make sure you make an appointment 48 hours before your prom.

Check out Waxing page to learn more about facial waxing. ​

Prom Special

Get your personalized Design Style with Makeup Application by our specialized stylists


*Starting Price

Must mention this ad when booking online or by phone

Must be with same stylist

hair salon

Hair Prom 


Unsure about what hairstyle you want? It’s is always important to plan ahead. Flip through magazines or look online for ideas on styles you want. Well-done hair can be one of your greatest accessories.

Booking an appointment with us? Schedule in ADVANCE! We are very busy around prom time.

If you prefer, you can schedule a “practice” session. During the “practice” session you can explain your ideas so your stylist understands exactly what you want, but this is not required. This is more for peace of mind on your big day. Our stylists are 100% committed in making sure that your expectation is exceeded.


Looking to add some sparkle? 

Hair accessories are
always a nice touch.
Rhinestones or flowers
interlaced in the hair
​always look amazing.
You can add a simpler
touch with a nice
​barrette or clip.


Get glamorous at the Style Lounge!

The Style Lounge