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When not to get waxed?

  • You currently take Accutane, or have stopped taking it less than a year ago.

  • You're taking any prescription acne medication.

  • You have lupus or AIDS.

  • You're in cancer therapy getting chemotherapy or radiation.

  • You have been in direct sunlight for a long period of time or tanning bed within the last 24 hours.

Be cautious

  • You're pregnant, take birth control, hormone replacement or antibiotics. Your skin may be more sensitive to waxing. It is recommended to do a patch test and see if you have any reaction 24 hours before getting an entire eyebrow wax.

  • Smokers or those with Rosacea. Waxing can irritate dilated capillaries (weak or broken blood vessels). If the capillaries are very red, stay away from waxing in that area.

  • You take blood thinners, have diabetes, phlebitis. Get your doctors approval before waxing.

  • You use Salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, or white willow bark exfoliators on the skin. White willow bark extract and enzymes all strip cells from the skin. This is too much exfoliation combined with waxing, and could make skin red, bleed or even turn into a scab. So stop using these products in the area getting waxed for at least three days before, and three to four days after waxing.

About Nufree

Nufree finipil has provided the highest standard of sanitary, safe and effective hair
removal to salon and spa professionals for over 30 years.

Nufree finipil is the winner of both the American Spa Professionals Choice Award for
2012 and Day Spa’s Readers Choice Award of 2012.

Nufree is a non-wax, soya based hair removal, originally formulated for sensitive skin,
which means you won't experience the pain, stinging or redness associated with
wax based products. Nufree is so gentle you can apply makeup, swim and tan
immediately after a treatment.

Nufree has been scientifically tested and is proven to be a self-preserving antimicrobial.
Unlike other hair removal products that depend upon heat to make these claims,
Nufree continues to stay sanitary at very low temperatures.

Finipil is an FDA registered OTC antiseptic applied immediately after Nufree hair removal
treatments. It exceeds FDA requirements for antimicrobial activity. It not only
protects the empty hair follicle from infection, it cools, soothes and
moisturizes in between treatments. finipil is clinically tested and
dermatologist certified to be safe for repeated use.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who are receiving the most advanced and safest
hair removal process in the industry.

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